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    Using the Teardrop Clicker is an easy and fun way to shape and reward positive behavior with any taxa of animal.  Its ergonomic design and slightly raised clicker button makes it comfortable to use.  Available colors: black, blue, orange, red, white, and yellow.  The MyTrainingStore logo is imprinted on all clickers.  

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    Perfect for clicker or keys! Keep supplies handy while keeping your hands free!

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    EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF MYTRAININGSTORE.COM!! Colorful, light weight translucent lollipop training targets! Non-porous, easy to clean & disinfect. Targets measure 18 inches long.

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    Giant 40” Beach Ball is a rolling, bouncing good time for large animals. The heavy-duty construction of the bladder makes this product perfect to take outside and let the critters kick, hit, and roll on it for hours on end with little danger of it deflating. This heavy-duty ball comes with a sturdy PVC bladder, nylon covering, a plug, a plug remover, and...

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    The Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is our newest training bag and our most deluxe bait pouch ever. Designed with the more serious dog trainer in mind, clients who want a larger bag or appreciate lots of features will want this bag. It will give years and years of service, and we've designed features that can be used during training, outings, and anything...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items