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    What does raising children have to do with training killer whales? More than you'd think. Mega-selling author Ken Blanchard teams up again with his Whale Done coauthors to show how positive reinforcement techniques used by trainers at Seaworld can help parents bring out the best in their children.

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    The Rapid Rewards Training Pouch is our newest training bag and our most deluxe bait pouch ever. Designed with the more serious dog trainer in mind, clients who want a larger bag or appreciate lots of features will want this bag. It will give years and years of service, and we've designed features that can be used during training, outings, and anything...

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    Non-porous Floats Buoy size: 3 x 5 inches Target length: 24 or 18 inches

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    Perfect for clickers or keys! Keep supplies handy while keeping your hands free!

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    Our Grook Utility Holders are an ingenious way to store all of your training equipment. They're good looking with a silver metal base and non-slip rubber hooks. Its smart design allows you to store items in three ways: handles through the loops, handles placed between the loops, or hanging from the hooks on the front of the loops.

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    Recommended by Terry Ryan, president of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, Inc. and world acclaimed international dog trainer and speaker on all topics training related.

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    Animal silhouette decal with "ABMA" imprinted on the decal.  Each decal varies in size but is ~5"x3" and a variety of colors are available to choose from.  

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    Training game for trainers!  Find a partner and train five different behaviors each.  This training game bag contains everything you need- instructions, toys for each trainer, and a bag to hold it all.  You could also find a free Animals Amplified online course in your bag.

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